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Most every large recreation lake has a party cove or favorite adult hang out spot and Lake Lewisville has one of the most popular in the country. On Lake Lewisville, party cove is where adult boaters go to cut loose and break out the stripper poles. Located not far est of number 4 on the map to your right party cove is easy to get to. Party Cove on Lake Lewisville is a favorite for Texas boaters.

Lewisville Lake is a part of the Trinity Regional Project. The Trinity Regional Project is a cluster of seven local lakes: Bardwell, Benbrook, Grapevine, Joe Pool, Lavon, Lewisville and Ray Roberts. A team of managers, administrators, park rangers,/natural resource specialists and engineering technicians work together to manage the recreation, natural resources, and civil works facilities for all seven of these lakes.  

Lewisville Lake is the second lake to impound the waters of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River in this area. The first lake, Lake Dallas, was constructed in the 1920s by the W.E. Callahan construction Company for the City of Dallas at a cost of $3 million. The dam, completed in 1927, was built near the village of Garza and named the Garza Dam. This dam was 10,890 feet (3,320 m) long with a 567-foot (173 m) long service spillway. Lake Dallas, with its 194,000-acre-foot (239,000,000 m3) capacity and forty-three miles of shoreline, served as the principal municipal water source for the city of Dallas for 31 years.

In the 1940s, a need for increased water storage capacity and additional flood control became apparent. The United States Congress passed the River and Harbor Act of 1945 and called for additional construction in the Trinity River basin. The Corps began construction of a new lake in 1948 that would not only incorporate Lake Dallas, but also impound Hickory Creek to the West, and Stewart, Panther, Cottonwood, Doe Branch, and Little Elm Creeks to the East.

On the lake, there are five marinas: Eagle Point Marina, Pier 121, Cottonwood Creek Marina, Dallas Cornthian Yacht Club, and Lakeview Marina, and two restaurant/bars.

In 2005 Lake Lewisville hosted its first large scale bass tournament, The Bassmasters' Elite 50, Kevin VanDam took home 1st place and a check for $100,000. He also caught, at the time, the lake record bass at 11 pounds 13 ounces (5.4 kg). The Woman's Bassmaster Tour's inaugural event was held in October 2005. The Tour returned in May 2006 and again in April 2008, with angler Kim Bain winning, taking home $51,000 in cash and prizes.

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